Če kdo še ne pozna, novi-stari slovenski bend na sceni z drugim videospotom.

YouTube slika preogleda

Tokrat sem zraven sodeloval kot sopisec besedila s Torulom:

Waking partially untamed
Part in vain all so insane
Sucking air-in-air to breathe
Decompressing disbelief

…in whole

New directions to be met
Self-control got stale and flat
It’s simple, dry and permissive!
Something swayed to stay

…in whole

Assembling discomfort
Decomposed in wakeful rad
Eyeball in, to die for
Seeking sky before sunset

…in whole

Overall been oh so there
Cut in half in wisp of air
In the quiet, in the front
If consumed in right amount

In whole

Single izide 2. septembra. Enjoy.

Več info na: http://www.torul-recordings.net

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